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You are contracting the service with NEOREJUVENATION LLC, HEREIN THE CONTRACTOR. When using any part of the service, complete the registration/reservation and/or payment process for the service offered at and all associated subdomains (.en, .uk, .eu, .fr, .de, pt. ,br.,it., us., mx., ar., cl., co., pe.) and, and and,,, you expressly accept and are subject to all the terms and conditions specified in these Conditions of Use and Contract.


The access and use of the aforementioned website(s) will be carried out under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user. You must be a natural person over 18 years of age (or the age of majority legally established in your country or state of residence) and with the capacity to act, contract and/or use this service.

The relations between the user and the Service Provider / Trainer will be governed by the laws of the United States of America (USA) to the extent permitted by mandatory regulations. In case of dispute, the parties, waiving their own jurisdiction – to the extent permitted by mandatory regulations – submit to the courts of the State of Florida (United States of America).

If any provision of these terms and conditions is declared invalid by a competent court, the parties agree, however, that the court will try to enforce the will of the parties reflected in this contract, and that the remaining provisions are enforceable and valid.

Prices and billing

The prices of our services are expressed in Euro / Dollar / Pound Sterling / Mexican Peso / Argentine Peso / Colombian Peso / Chilean Peso / Peruvian Sol / Brazilian Real and the payment will be processed in one of these currencies, previously selected by you in, and/or associated subdomains. For subdomains (for example: – ARS currency) corresponding to currencies other than the Euro, the price is expressed in the currency indicated on the website and the payment is processed in that currency.

The price of each product or service will be the one stipulated at any time on the Website, except for manifest errors. Prices can be changed at any time, but possible changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent confirmation. Likewise, the Service Provider reserves the right to cancel and/or modify the discounts associated with the training prices.

You expressly agree to receive the proof of payment in electronic format at the email address provided at the time of payment. NEOREJUVENATION is not obliged to issue any additional invoice, as established by the United States legislation in this matter. You can create your own self-invoice, if you consider it appropriate.

On occasions, some users have agreed to specific or general conditions with their bank, and the latter may add commissions or local taxes to the payment of the price of the user license and access to training; and/or sometimes convert the payment to another Currency. / Badge. This is completely out of the control and responsibility of the service provider.

If your bank applies additional charges / commissions to the price of the training, you can contact your bank or card issuer with which you made the payment to clarify or negotiate the conditions of your payment method. In the event that the issuing entity of your card or bank and/or local authorities apply these surcharges to the price of the training and/or make a conversion to another currency, the service provider (NEOREJUVENATION LLC) will in no case be obliged to refund the amount paid for access to training, therefore there will be no refund.

By accepting these contracting conditions, you understand that the service provider (NEOREJUVENATION, LLC) will only charge your bank or card for the amount published on this website in the currency you have previously selected, and that it has no control, nor is it responsible for the conditions, conversions for other currencies and / or surcharges that you have accepted or agreed with your bank or card issuer and / or taxes that may be applied by the local authorities of your country and city.

Sessions / Training modules / Languages ​​/ Support /

The training modules mentioned in and all associated subdomains and,,,,, www.neorejuvena .tv include video tutorials. These can be broadcast live and/or deferred (previous recording), with no obligation on the part of the Service Provider to carry out a minimum number of live broadcasts. That is, all the video tutorials can be previously recorded, without the need for there to be a single live broadcast.

In the video tutorials, the real/physical image of the trainer or an avatar or virtualized representation of the trainer/trainer (drawing or characterization) can be shown, as well as diagrams, drawings or notes/text.

Each of the seven (7) main video tutorials (excluding presentation) will be longer than forty-five (45) minutes, with the average playback time/length in most cases exceeding sixty ( 60 minutes.

The locution (voice) of the video tutorials are in the SPANISH language. If you have contracted access to the service in a language other than Spanish (Italian, Portuguese, English, French, German…), you will have subtitles in the language you have contracted in the same video, we can also include audio (dubbing of the original voice in Spanish of the trainer / Author) to the contracted language for a better understanding of the information on your part.

In addition to the video tutorials, each module will have a written tutorial (in PDF format). Therefore, the training consists of 7 (seven) written tutorials that contain a total of 7 (seven) modules, more than 30,000 (thirty thousand) words. These tutorials have been fully translated into the different languages ​​offered on the website. In other words, if you have contracted the training in Italian, you will be able to view the tutorials written in Italian. If you contracted it in Spanish, you will be able to view the tutorials written in Spanish, and so on for other languages.

Each of the seven modules will be published on the dates and times that are duly indicated on the training platform (,,,, www.neorejuvena. me,, depending on the language chosen). The Service Provider reserves the right to unlock / publish all the modules from the start of the training, or gradually (publishing / unlocking a module every week / 7 days, until the publication of the 7 modules ends).

The original language of these texts is Spanish, as well as the subtitles of the video tutorials. Although the service provider makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the transcription and translation into different languages, it is possible that there may be some error or inaccuracy in the translation into languages ​​other than Spanish. This circumstance, in no case, will grant the right to a refund of the amount paid to view the training.

The support for this training will be provided solely and exclusively through email, through the email address: (Spanish), (Italian), (Portuguese) or (English), (French),, (depending on the language of your interest).

The support by the Service Provider is ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY limited to the resolution of technical incidents regarding access to the visualization of the training and/or the resolution of doubts about issues that have not been resolved in the video tutorials or PDF documents. , and that refer strictly to the contents of NEOREJUVENATION.

The Service Provider / Trainer / Author, reserves the right not to answer questions related to issues already resolved in the training materials. It also reserves the right not to respond to queries not related to the training content of NEOREJUVENATION. By way of example, but not limitation, the Service Provider will not answer questions related to medical or health diagnoses, chemical or cosmetic formulations, technologies, appliances, medical or aesthetic treatments. She will also not offer any advisory or consulting services.

The Service Provider / Trainer / Author does not offer any consulting or advisory service. The payment you have made grants you the right to access the training platform to view the contents of the training. The support is ONLY intended to resolve technical questions related to access to the visualization of the training and objective and specific doubts that may arise about the contents of the training material (PDF’s and video tutorials), and have not already been resolved in the aforementioned media.

If the Service Provider chooses to exercise their right to non-response, based on what is stated in the previous paragraph, the user will not have the right to receive any refund or compensation.

In the event that you make a query about the contents of the training, and it is eligible (by virtue of what is stated in the previous paragraphs) to obtain a response from the Service Provider / Trainer / Author, it may take time to send you your response up to six 6 weeks. The response could be delayed for a longer time in the event that the Service Provider / Trainer / Author suffers from any problem or discomfort related to her physical or mental health. In other words, the response could be delayed until the Trainer is in a perfect state of physical or mental health.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.

The Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights of the web pages mentioned in this contract, as well as the training materials of NEOREJUVENATION are the property of the Service Provider and/or its licensors, and are protected by applicable national and international laws.

The foregoing applies, by way of example and not limitation, to audiovisual works, recordings (sound, visual and audiovisual), texts (also including written transcriptions of videos or recordings), books, notes, images, trademarks, logos, distinctive signs, sounds and animations and the databases that integrate and are part of the Site.

In the case of contracting a license to access the display of training content, you are authorized to view said content (your license is for personal use). This license is granted on a non-exclusive basis and is limited to the duration of your contract (12 MONTHS), only in the state in which the exhibition will take place and in the modalities strictly necessary for that purpose. This license is non-transferable.

Your license in no case grants you ownership of the materials, nor the rights of intellectual or industrial property, or distribution, you are not buying the videos or the PDF’s for later download and/or storage. Your license ONLY allows you to access the training platform, through a username and password, to view the contents of the NEOREJUVENATION training during the license validity period (12 MONTHS).

Any other exploitation by you of the contents is expressly prohibited; including the downloading and storage, dissemination, sharing, transmission, public communication, distribution, reproduction or transformation, in whole or in part, of the same -with or without profit-, whether carried out directly or indirectly .

Regarding the printing of the PDF that accompanies the training:

You expressly acknowledge and accept that the training is carried out in a 100% digital / online environment. If you want to print the PDF’s that contain the training for viewing, you can only do so on a printer for home use, for your own use and reading (for no other purpose). In no case is it allowed or authorized to print the training materials in printing centers, photocopiers or other businesses that are dedicated to printing/printing and/or distribution or publication. You are not authorized to distribute in paper or digital format any of the materials that are part of NEOREJUVENATION, nor to assign it to third parties to act, directly or indirectly, for that purpose.


Your rights

Once your registration to the Neorejuvenation Online Training is formalized (previous full payment). You have the right to receive, on the dates established and disclosed on the website and all associated subdomains, the information necessary to access (username and password) to the training platform hosted at,, or,, , depending on the language, to view Neorejuvenation training materials.

Your access license to view the training is personal and non-transferable, and will be for a maximum of 12 months from the date you made the payment. After 12 months, your license will be revoked and cancelled. You will not be able to access the training view.


Your Obligations

You agree

to (a) pay promptly for the contracted Service or Services, (b) comply with applicable laws, including, among others, those of intellectual and industrial property, and you fully agree not to infringe the rights of third parties, in particular (c ) not engage in any activity that hinders or interferes with the operation of the Service, including that of the servers and networks that are connected to the Service, (d) you may not use the content accessed through the Service for educational purposes and/or third party training, meaning you may not train others using NeoRejuvenation training materials.

Unless specifically authorized in writing, under a separate agreement signed with the Service Provider, you also agree not to reproduce, duplicate, distribute, communicate publicly (by any means) or with third parties, copy, broadcast, host, share, store, sell, trade, resell, distribute, transform or modify the content / service; whether for profit or not.

You agree to be solely responsible, without the Service Provider / Trainer / Author having to assume any responsibility towards you or other third parties, for any breach of your obligations established in the Conditions of Use and Contracting; as well as the consequences of said breach, including any loss or damage that the Service Provider / Trainer / Author may incur. You agree to indemnify the Service Provider / Trainer (Author) for it.

Likewise, you guarantee that you have the necessary means and sufficient computer knowledge to be able to access and view the training. Specifically, you will need a smartphone, tablet or computer that has an Internet connection and is capable of viewing videos with sound, as well as a valid email address that you can check frequently; You must also have installed on your device (smartphone, tablet or computer, a program that allows the viewing of documents in PDF format) and a browser duly updated to its latest available version (preferably Chrome).

You agree to provide a valid, functional, and accessible email address at the time of your license payment. If you have not correctly provided a valid and accessible email address on your part, we will not be able to communicate with you correctly and, therefore, you will not be able to receive the necessary data to access the training platform that allows its visualization. In the event of an error on your part, the Service Provider will have no obligation to refund the price of the training, since it is not an infraction attributable to it, and it has no way of knowing the valid email address associated with a particular user. If you have provided an incorrect email address,

The Service Provider will send up to two notices to the email address that you have provided with the data (web address, username and password) in order to access to view the training, on the date announced on the website (and the days later). You will need to check all your email folders (including your spam and promotions folder). Failure to check the email inbox and all folders on your part, including spam, will in no case entitle you to a refund of the price paid. You understand and accept that in order to obtain the training viewing license it is necessary for you to verify the validity and proper functioning of the email address that you are going to provide at the time of making the payment.

The Service Provider reserves the right not to provide the service, terminating the contract, in case of non-compliance with the legal clauses, without implying the right to any refund of the price paid to access the training display.

Abusive Behavior and License Revocation/Cancellation

To ensure the correct development of the training, it is essential to comply with the fundamental guarantees of coexistence and respect in communications by email or chat (if any) that allows doubts or questions to be resolved. In case of lack of any of these guarantees, the Service Provider reserves the right to revoke/cancel your participation. The guarantees of behavior imply, by way of example but not limitation, respect for the following principles:

I respect the NeoRejuvenation team, as well as the rest of the participants. In no case will disqualifications, threats, insults, profanity or defamatory language be accepted.

The dissemination of any type of promotional or commercial material outside NeoRejuvenation/The Service Provider (courses, conferences, services, web pages, books, merchandising, products,…) -with or without profit- is not allowed.

The blocking or cancellation of your user account due to breach of any of these rules in no case entitles you to a refund or refund of the amount paid.

Refund policy, waiver of the right of withdrawal of digital product / service.


You expressly understand and acknowledge that the NeoRejuvenation training is 100% digital/online, and once payment has been made and a license to view the training has been granted, no refunds will be made, under any circumstances.


About NeoRejuvenation – Disclaimer.

You expressly acknowledge and agree to have read, been informed and AGREED with respect to the following statement:

The intention of the Service Provider / Trainer / Author with this training is to present in good faith his own perspective on rejuvenation based on his self-experience, experiences, research and beliefs, therefore it is subjective and does not suppose or replace any medical / health criteria and/or explicit prescription for you or other participants.

NeoRejuvenation is NOT a therapy for the prolongation of life, the cure of any disease, physical or mental condition. Its Author / Trainer / Service Provider, employees or collaborators do not suggest/n, in any way, abandon or substitute medical/pharmacological/psychiatric or psychiatric treatment/therapy/consultation, in any case.

The Author / Trainer / Service Provider and / or its collaborators do not offer any guarantee to anyone about specific results or desired results, in any case, regarding the use or application of the information contained in this training (NeoRejuvenation), which in any case is subjective.

You explicitly accept responsibility for the use and application of the information contained in the training, expressly exonerating its Author / Trainer / Service Provider and / or its collaborators from any responsibility for the use and application that you decide to exercise with said information. The Author(s) / Trainer(s) / Collaborators / Service Provider recommends that the user consult a qualified health professional or medical specialist before following any treatment, supplementation, exercise, routine or diet that involves physical interaction or that is related to health, in its broadest sense.

Cause of Force Majeure or Act of God.

If the Service Provider cannot offer the user access to the content/training license due to force majeure or unforeseeable events such as: epidemics, pandemics, earthquakes, plagues, tsunamis, tornadoes, fires, bankruptcy, dissolution , death, disability, war conflicts, riots, seditions and any other uncontrolled or unforeseeable circumstance, this contract may be terminated / terminated / terminated unilaterally by the Service Provider without prior notice. Said termination will not be a reason, nor will it give the right to any compensation or reimbursement.